Recycled Materials

Sustainable Sourcing and Processing of Materials

The materials we utilize to manufacture all of our knitwear are sourced from a 30-year-and-running textile facility in Prato, Italy.

3C Filati was one of the first textile companies to put environmentally-friendly practices at the core of their business model. They are passionate about the recycling of “rags”, textile waste and used clothing.

We at Robinwoof also believe that it is our corporate responsibility to avoid perpetuating harmful industry practices that only further damage our planet and its ecosystems.

Instead of buying second-rate products, from unverified sources, or made of polyester (or other plastics) like the majority of fast fashions brands, we wanted to do our yarn sourcing the right way!

Samples of recycled yarn

No longer ending up in a landfill, the rags at 3C Filati are reused and repurposed for the manufacturing of the products we designed for you and your pet to enjoy.

The recycled wool yarn we use to make our dog sweaters is obtained through the process of tearing used clothing into recycled fibres, sorted by colour and type. The entire fabric processing pipeline aspires to be as eco-friendly as possible.

You can learn more about how 3C Filati recycles and reuses the old clothing fibres they extract from fast fashion industry's waste. If you want to learn more about our supplier's story, check out their About Us page.