About Us

Our Story

RobinWoof's story starts on July 24th, 2022 via a transatlantic message exchange. From Ottawa (Canada), Azalea asked her daughter Francisca, who was residing in Stockholm (Sweden), 'Let's start a business, yes?', to which Francisca replied, 'Why not? Let's do it!'. And so it began.

Azalea and Francisca

United by an immeasurable love for dogs (their own and everyone else's), the mother-daughter duo started this partnership on a quest to create products that pet owners could feel good about buying, and that would simultaneously make their pets very happy and healthy.

The name RobinWoof honours our family's first dog, Robin, as well as the legendary Robin Hood character, who stole from the rich to give to the poor. In the case of the latter, we wanted to pay homage to our pledge to donate generously to animal causes through our business.

On the back of decades of sales and industry experience, Azalea & Fran combined their skillsets and generational gap overlaps to make a company that would align with the values worth spreading through the world of pets and their families.

RobinWoof was finally registered in Sweden in November of 2022. Ever since that first daring message, we have been securing incredible suppliers, manufacturers and general public interest.

Our CEO and one of our dog models

The best perks of the job come down to meeting wonderfully generous people who want to support a small-business like ours, and it doesn't hurt that the day-to-day activities of our CEO often include hanging out with dog models while doing photoshoots for our marketing campaigns!

RobinWoof AB is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and we are proud to serve the Nordics with high-quality European-made pet products.